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Busy Summer Ahead for BWD


Last updated 6/14/2021 at 9:59am

As the temperature rises and the snow birds head home, the activity at BWD is gearing up in what will be a very active summer. BWD Board, Staff and its Consultants/Contractors will all be working diligently on the following projects:

Well #5-15 Completion – JULY-AUG. 2021: BWD’s well drilling Contractor, South West Pump and Drilling, has completed all of the drilling and well construction related activities. The well was drilled to 800’+ which was followed by the installation of a specially designed metal well casing that is slotted at specific elevations to allows for water to enter and encased with gravel. The elevations of the slots in the casing were selected based on soil conditions experienced during the initial stages of the drilling process. Development of the well is the next step which includes pump tests to determine the production rate of the well. The Project is scheduled for completion in August. This Project was funded with Bonds issued by BWD in 2018.

La Casa Del Zorro Sewerline Replacement Completion – JULY 2021: Fredricks Construction was selected by BWD to perform the replacement/relocation of the existing sewerline currently located in the La Casa Del Zorro parking lot. The new sewerline will be located in the edge of Borrego Springs Road as it passes LCDZ and include new sealed manholes that will help prevent any sewer related odors from escaping. The existing line in the LCDZ parking lot will remain and serve as the private sewer later for the Resort. This Project was also funded with Bonds issued by BWD in 2018.

Bending Elbow Waterline Replacement Project Construction– Portions of BWD aging infrastructure is being replaced with the Bending Elbow project to eliminate one of the areas where BWD has the highest occurrence of leaks in its system. The 40+ year old lines, some as small as 4”, will be replaced with new 8” PVC. Rove Construction was the responsive low bidder on this Project and is scheduled to start construction in mid-July with completion in Sept.-Oct. BWD funded this project in 2018 also and will manage this Project in house which eliminates the need to hire outside Consultants.

Water and Sewer Rate Setting Process – July 29 is the scheduled date for the BWD Board to hold a Public Hearing on proposed water and sewer rate increases. The Cost of Service and Rate Study concluded following rate reductions for the most common meter sizes and water consumption patterns next year, 5% rate increase thru 2027 are required to fund BWD operations. Sewer rates and charges are schedule to remain unchanged next year, and increase by a recommended 4% each year thru 2027. All BWD Customers will soon be receiving a notice regarding this Public Hearing with additional information about the Process.

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