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"Lets Go Borrego" Rider Reimbursement Program


Last updated 5/21/2021 at 10:26am

The Let’s Go Borrego rider reimbursement program has now been in operation for more than seven months. Powered by a grant of $20,000 from the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund and fiscally sponsored by the Borrego Springs Senior Center, Let’s Go Borrego has shown itself to be hugely popular and completely viable.

Let’s Go Borrego reimburses folks 65 or better who need someone to drive them to medical appointments. This is especially needed in a place like Borrego Springs which has essentially no medical care available. It is at least an hour’s drive in any direction to be seen or treated by doctors, dentists and opticians.

More than 20 riders are enrolled in the program. They find their own volunteer drivers and have been reimbursed for more than 15,000 miles for trips to the western areas of San Diego County, and destinations in Imperial County and Riverside County, as well.

One rider who has utilized the program is Annmarie Tidwell. She said, “I am very grateful for Let’s Go Borrego. It has allowed me to go to medical appointments that previously I would have had to put off due to the high cost of gasoline.”

Donations to sustain Let’s Go Borrego are needed. You can send a check to PO Box 1362, Borrego Spring, California 92004.

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