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The House of Borrego Springs West Gallery


Last updated 5/19/2021 at 2:04pm

The House Of Borrego Springs, West Gallery, a companion gallery to the East Gallery, is a jewel of a small gallery with lofty ceiling's and substantial natural light.

A perfect home for intimate exhibitions.

Three very different artists are featured in the current exhibition which shows through the end of May.

Robert Wright is an award winning interior decorator with a distinguished, decades long career which includes the prestigious annual American Society of Designers award for, Designer Of Distinction, 2013.

Wright, an accomplished artist, has extended his, 'passion for design,' into an intriguing, conversational, collection of assemblage/collage artworks.

Assemblage art is an art form that is created by assembling disparate elements of found objects. In the case of Wrights assemblage art work he has also incorporate collage accents.

Wright uses space intriguingly often creating a juxtaposition of found metal pieces with textural backgrounds or paper collage. Each artwork tells a story. 'The Minotaur,' features a copy of a hand written page from Nathaniel Hawthorne's, 'The Minotaur.' The found objects in the work are an interesting combination of a shinning smooth object coupled with a darker more sinister object.

KP/2 has a painted background that reminds me of the blue sun petroglyphs at Blue Sun Cave, Indian Hills. The found objects are visually harsh, twisted thick wire and a dangling shiny metal tag.

Possible controversial is, 'de Guadalupe. In my interpretation it appears the Virgin is depicted in a found distressed, shining object surrounded with white objects for her halo attached to a vibrant blue backing.

The fun is in creating your own interpretations. Artwork is to be shared and the viewer an engaged participant in the artist's journey.

Wright natural sculptural sense and fascination with space and how objects tell a story in spaces makes me wonder how fabulous larger Wright works might be.

Naomi Lasley's pit fired raku ceramic's are beautifully crafted elegant pieces. Color from her glazes are delicate and often translucent. A career spanning 25 years teaching ceramics in Santa Rosa city schools behind her Naomi stands out as an skillful, creative, ceramicist artist.

Naomi's works incorporate elements of nature, wildlife and traditional raku techniques like Horsehair Raku where horsehair is applied to the hot fired pot, leaving black calligraphic like squiggles. The overall form of the pots is classical and pleasingly proportional. Each work is an exquisite, very collectible, ceramic treasure.

In addition to her pots and vases are a delightful variety of individual ceramic sculpture's of ravens in flight.

Raku is a complex process where bisque and glazed pieces are fired quickly in a raku kiln. When the glaze melts the ceramic is placed is a receptacle containing combustible leaves, paper, and wood shavings. Once the materials ignite and the container is closed this produces an intense reduction atmosphere which produces crackled surfaces, metallic flashes and unglazed area's turn black.

The complex art of raku ceramic's dates back to Japan in the early 1600's. Raku's simplicity and naturalness embodies some of the principles of Buddhism and it was the favored ceramic for Zen Buddist masters tea service.

David Lasley's works reflect back to the Abstract Impressionism, New York School of the 40's 50's. Spontaneous open fields of color, bold, dynamic flat, minimal shapes, stacked like zen rocks. Powerful, masculine, appealing paintings for their simplicity and sophistication.

'The Revenge of the Vinyl,' show in the, The House Of Borrego, East Gallery, featuring an extensive vinyl collection has been extended. The show has been extremely poplar it's success a testimony to the resurgence of record collecting.

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