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No Super Bloom...


Last updated 4/23/2021 at 2:14pm

Photo Courtesy of Denise Zuranski

The ecologists from Colorado Desert District of California State Parks do not expect to have an overabundance, or a big abundant wildflower-bloom this year. Although the area has seen a few precipitation events and even a few mornings with snowy mountains since January, this past year has been a 'relatively' dry year for the desert. Our average temps are up over the high-end threshold that we would expect to see loads of vegetative growth, and the rain amount has been too low to help in any abundance of growth. Overall, we will see some spotty or localized areas of bloom, many of which will be unpredictable. As we have not had region-wide rain showers, many small areas will see regionally specific blooms that often will last a short time, sometimes less than a week.

Small areas of blooms are now being seen throughout the Park. We need more rain to have a "Superbloom", but if you're willing to venture away from paved roads, you'll be rewarded with small patches of flowers.

– Anza-Borrego Foundation

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