"Can Anyone Help? PLEASE?"


Last updated 4/6/2021 at 11:24am

Could someone in town, or a group of folks, or even someone you know, please buy Borrego Springs Resort and save the land, the trees, the wildlife, and the beauty of Borrego Springs? You would be doing a huge favor for the town, and your community. With golf seeing a comeback during this past pandemic year, and because it was the most popular course in Borrego Springs when is was open, it would seem to make good business sense to consider a reopening in the future. But you wouldn’t have to reopen, just turn on the water for now.

The hotel is in great shape, the restaurant could be awesome and already has an outstanding location, and the Spa is set up nicely. Plus the views are outstanding. There is so much to entice visitors! Walking paths, close proximity to our great hiking and off road trails, and a town vibrant (or will be again after the virus) with arts, activities, a world-class state park, and genuinely nice people. And there is even room for future expansion, like maybe a snowbird RV park.

OR, if you don’t want to buy it, do you have any way of talking to the current owners about their obligations to their community? To their neighbors? To Borrego Springs itself? We’ve tried appealing to them, but alas, no response. The property is rapidly deteriorating taking with it property values, visitor and resident appreciation, and community spirit. Borrego Springs deserves better.

PLEASE, can someone help!

Beth Gramoy

– Borrego Springs, California