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COVID-19: County to Orange, State Nearing Normalcy


Last updated 4/19/2021 at 1:45pm

We are getting there, folks. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter.

San Diego County moved into the less restrictive orange tier on April 7, a step into the right direction toward normalcy.

In the orange tier, businesses were able to increase its capacities. (See list on page 8 of the April 15 issue of the Borrego Sun).

San Diego County has had 273,286 confirmed cases and 3,621 deaths, as of April 12, 8 a.m.

In more good news, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that a plan to fully reopen California by June 15, if the state reaches two benchmarks: the vaccine supply is sufficient for Californians 16 years and older who wish to be inoculated and if hospitalization rates are stable and low. However, the mask mandate will still be in place.

In addition to hoping to full reopen the state, Governor Newsom announced an end to the color-coded four-tier system that was first placed back in August of last year.

California has had over 3.7 million confirmed cases and over 60,000 deaths.

Normalcy is on the other side of the tunnel. However, even with the lifting of the restrictions and vaccinations, the pandemic is still far from over. We must keep doing our part and we will be soon in an everyday life of post-pandemic.

April 11, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 273,286. Deaths: 3,621.

- The state expects a small bump in supply of Pfizer and Moderna doses this week, but counties will be prioritizing previously scheduled second-dose appointments, so those newly looking for an option other than Johnson & Johnson will have to wait.

April 10, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 273,058. Deaths: 3,613.

- The U.S. reported 4.6 million vaccine doses administered, a single-day record. The country is also reporting 70,000 new cases per day, a level in line with last summer’s surge, when average case counts peaked at 67,000 in late July.

April 9, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 272,697. Deaths: 3,600.

April 8, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 272,495. Deaths: 3,592.

- The California Department of Public Health released new guidelines for counties that may have to be demoted in the state’s tiered reopening schedule.

- Under the new guidelines, “unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as low rate of vaccine take up, a county will only move to a more restrictive tier if hospitalizations are increasing significantly among vulnerable individuals, especially among vaccinated individuals, and both test positivity and adjusted case rates show a concerning increase in transmission.”

April 7, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 272,195. Deaths: 3,588.

April 6, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 271,866. Deaths: 3,585.

- San Diego officially enters the less restrictive orange tier, announced by California public health officials. This change is effective April 7, which means many businesses can reopen and restrictions are loosened.

- Curfews on restaurants in the county have also been lifted. The curfew was sent in July 2020, having restaurants close by 10 p.m.

- Governor Gavin Newsom also announced that the state is expected to fully reopen by June 15, IF two criteria are met:

--- If there’s enough coronavirus vaccine supply for Californians age 16 and older who want to be vaccinated

---If hospitalization rates remain low and stable

- The details of “fully” reopening have not been crystal clear at this time.

- In addition, the color-coded tier system would also be eliminated.

- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance on cleaning and disinfecting everyday household surfaces, saying that in “most situations” with no known coronavirus exposure, a thorough scrub with soap and water will suffice – rather than disinfectant sprays and wipes. This comes as the nation looks toward reopening and establishing new space and cleanliness guidelines.

- “Routine cleaning performed effectively with soap or detergent, at least once per day, can substantially reduce virus levels on surfaces,” the CDC said at a White House briefing.

- The updated guidance tracks what health officials and medical experts have already advised – that the risk of passing on or becoming infected with the respiratory virus through “fomite” surfaces is low, compared to direct contact, droplet or airborne transmission. But the announcement Monday offers new specifics, saying there is “little scientific support” for routine disinfectant use to prevent surface contact infection.

- President Joe Biden said that he wants to make all adults eligible for the coronavirus vaccines by April 19. His previous deadline was May 1. The president had announced just last week that 90% of adults would be eligible for one of three approved vaccines by April 19, in addition to having a vaccination site within five miles of their home.

April 5, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 271,654. Deaths: 3,583.

April 4, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 271,527. Deaths: 3,583.

April 3, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 271,334. Deaths: 3,571.

April 2, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 271,035. Deaths: 3,568.

April 1, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 270,539. Deaths: 3,555.

- Eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine expands to all Californians 50 years or older.

March 31, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 270,287. Deaths: 3,555.

March 30, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 269,997. Deaths: 3,555.

March 29, 2021:

- Confirmed County COVID-19 numbers: 269,770. Deaths: 3,547.

* Number of COVID-19 Cases in San Diego County, Information/statistics stated in this article are as of print time, April 12, 8 a.m.

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