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Chamber Stepping Into April


Last updated 4/7/2021 at 3:01pm

How can we not like a month that starts out with a ‘Fools Day’, then brings us ‘Good Friday, Easter and Ramadan’, and hopefully some beautiful flowers.

If you haven’t noticed, the dump site on Palm Canyon Drive is gone. We thank the county for taking action and the property owner for removing it quickly once they started.

At the Chamber, we’ve been busy as a Welcome Center, and also in the community as the Chamber donated over 100 California maps to the 4th grade classes at Borrego Springs Elementary School to use in the curriculum when they study maps. If you think maps have gone by the wayside, think again! One of the first things visitors (with cell phones in hand) ask for at the Chamber is maps. Nothing beats spreading out a map and planning the next adventure.

April will also bring back our first bus tour, this one coming from the Coachella Valley. The 56 person luxury bus will only have half the amount so everyone can social distance and follow guidelines. The tour will have our vaccinated guests sightseeing, dining and learning about the area. For the Chamber, this is very exciting because this will prompt other tours to return.

Finally, starting in April you’ll see me around Borrego on Wednesdays doing a live Facebook travel show, with Borrego Springs as the backdrop and a feature segment. Some of you might not know I’ve had a weekly travel show on the radio for 18 years and then transitioned to a LIVE Facebook show. I also have a television travel show that has been airing for about eight years on Fox11, Hulu, Fubo and several more channels. Yes, 2020 was a bust for travel but we continued to air and I’m excited of finally seeing the prospects of new episodes.

For the Facebook show it was time to change it up and what better way to share Borrego Springs than to show it. You’ll be able to watch these shows on the Chamber Facebook page and other travel pages that have over half a million followers.

Spontaneity is key so feel free to walk on over while I’m on camera and say hello and boast about Borrego Springs. #embraceborrego

Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center


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