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Antonia Torres Laguna de Fuerte

Local Mother Leaves Behind A Legacy of Love, Kindness, and 11 Successful Children


Last updated 2/19/2021 at 9:47am

Antonia and her husband Pedro

Antonia Torres Laguna de Fuerte's small, cozy home was always filled with warmth – either from the huge pot of steaming tamales on the stove or from the abundance of love for her large family. Everyone was welcomed in her home and there was always food for one more. Antonia – wife, mother, grandmother, aunt and friend to many, sadly passed away January 11, 2021, from complications with COVID-19. Although she had beaten the virus and tested negative, underlying issues with diabetes two prevented her from making a full recovery. With Pedro, her beloved husband of 46 years by her side, she succumbed to this scourge at the young age of 61.

Antonia was born on February 20, 1959, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, specifically in the small Rancho of Santa Rosa de Rivas. According to her daughter Tania, Antonia took one look at a young Pedro Fuerte and she knew instantly that he "was the one." They were married for 46 years and were blessed with 11 children, 22 grandchildren and one soon to enter the world. This child will no doubt hear wonderful stories for years to come about his/her beloved "Abuela."

As is common with many immigrant families from Mexico, Pedro came first to the U.S. with his brothers to scout it out. Looking for a place that offered hope and opportunities for a better life, they landed in Borrego Springs in 1980. Pedro worked in the orchards for a few years before bringing his young wife, Antonia, and eight of their children to the US. Their family then grew by three and now the Fuertes are an integral part of the fabric that is Borrego Springs. They maintain our citrus orchards, tend to nursery plants, maintain golf courses, cook in our restaurants, clean our houses and pools and soon hopefully will teach in our schools. Daughter Tania is finishing up her California Teaching Credential and BSUSD would be proud to offer her a teaching position.

Antonia's children love to share how their mother was there for each one of them when they needed her: to cook soup for one with a cold, to advise a troubled child, to collect money from all to help out a family member in need, to cook someone's favorite food, to prepare her famous salsa roja in her own molcajete (stone mortar and pestle), or simply to listen and support. Fiercely proud of her children, Antonia kept every certificate ever earned by her children at school and lovingly stored away every baby blanket, photo, memento and memory. Her children say her small home is full of these tangible tokens of a mother's love for her children.

Antonia Torres Laguna de Fuerte will be buried in Romita, Mexico, in a cemetery not far from the Rancho where she was born and where her parents are buried. The family is waiting for a COVID safe time to travel to Mexico with her body for a large family ceremony celebrating the life of a kind, gracious and loving woman.

The family, including her husband Pedro and children Norma, Pedro, Jose Luis, Juan, Juana, Javier, Osvaldo, Mauricio, Victor, Tania and Angel would like to thank everyone for the kind donations and they would also like to advise everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. They do not want anyone to suffer as their mother did. Antonia would wish the same.

– Martha Deichler,

Family Friend

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