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"Scared Person"


Last updated 1/21/2021 at 9:44am

My gardener who has been with me for years knows I am a senior citizen with an asthmatic condition and tells me I should not go to the market as there are a number of out-of-towners shopping there, knowing if I caught the COVID-19 virus, I could be in serious trouble, especially with the hospitals full. So I stay in my house, only leaving for a walk to exercise.

I finally had to venture into town to go to the post office. As I had not been to town for some time, I decided to drive around.

I was shocked to see restaurants open with people, eating and drinking outside. Motorcycles and cars parked with groups of people gathered and talking without masks on. I thought we were in lockdown and people were meant to stay home?

Christmas Circle was packed and also masks were not being worn. To see all of this, my immediate thoughts were, “all these out-of-towners could be bringing the virus with them and pass it onto the townsfolk, what is going on?”

It seems we are becoming a town where visitors can come eat, drink and shop, flaunting all the restrictions that the state and county have put in place. No wonder our infections have increased.

I thought we had a COVID Task Force who were guiding the town through the pandemic. What has happened to them? Why are they not doing something to uphold the regulations and stop what is going on? We need to safeguard the elderly, of which there are many in town. We have to get through this crisis, be careful and wait for the vaccine. Who knows when it will arrive.

So someone please stop what is going on in town.

Tracy Sims

– Borrego Springs, California

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