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By Kim Simas 

First Snow of the Season Brings Crowds


Last updated 1/11/2021 at 10:48am

The allure of the beauty a snow storm brings is often too tempting to avoid. When news stations and meteorologists forecasted the first major winter storm of the season, the population of San Diego County braced for the inevitable in a variety of ways. Those who live away from the mountains began to make plans to enjoy the snow. While those who live in the mountains, made plans to welcome an influx of visitors. For nearly a week before the storm hit on the Monday after Christmas, the repeated news coverage about the incoming storm created a bit of a frenzy.

The majority of the snow fell in Mount Laguna with some Julian neighborhoods at high elevations receiving a good amount as well. Even a hint of snow brings a lot of visitors to Julian and many businesses were grateful for the added business during a particularly tight year due to the pandemic. However, the enormous amount of traffic, trespassing visitors and added trash disrupts the mountain area. Julian is a small community with a single main shopping and restaurant area and three roads leading into the town. The pandemic has left many with the need to escape from their homes to seek a bit a nature. With driving conditions already being difficult due to ice and snow, traffic in and around Julian was a huge problem.

Lines of vehicles going through town created backups for miles and lasted for hours. For those who were lucky enough to make it into town and find parking, lines stretched to the corners for each of the pie companies.

The Julian community graciously invites visitors throughout the entire year to enjoy all that it has to offer. When it’s the weather that draws the visitors, the people of Julian only hope that everyone enjoys the area and is respectful of the residents and the land. Hopefully, as the winter season goes on, there will be more opportunities for people to visit Julian during the beautiful weather.

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