Senior Centers Early Xmas


Last updated 12/31/2020 at 12:17am

The San Diego Seniors Community Foundation announced on Dec. 14 the distribution of grants totaling $31,585 to a dozen local senior centers, including Borrego Springs.

The Borrego Springs Senior Center received $3,000 for the delivery of poinsettias to those in the home-delivered program, along with a one-year subscription for 50 older citizens to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

On Dec. 15, they were able to distribute about 65 poinsettias to sheltering seniors, and have delivered 10 newspapers per day. However, to acquire and deliver more poinsettias was not an easy task, as many of the stores were sold out, Dan Wright said. Luckily, they were able to purchase 70 poinsettias at Home Depot.

“We are delivering 150 – 200 meals every week, 50 daily news-papers per week, and doing well checks on 30 – 40 seniors every day,” Wright said. “We are a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit corporation and we need the financial support of the community. Please send your tax-deductible donations to PO Box 1362, or go to our website and hit the ‘donate now’ button.”

During the pandemic, anyone 65 and older can receive freshly pre-pared and frozen meals delivered five days a week without regard to their ability to donate. Learn more on how you can help the Borrego Springs Senior Center, call 760-767-3116.

The Senior Center is the leader in outreach to our isolating elder citizens in the pandemic.

The second round of grant funding through the foundation’s No Senior Alone Initiative is tailored to support centers and nonprofit agencies. Creating holiday-themed events for older people who are isolated and apart from family and loved ones this holiday season amid the coronavirus pandemic. Over 2,200 isolated seniors are served through these centers across the region, and collectively aim to bring them joy through a variety of holiday activities, including drive-thru parties, meals, gift deliveries and virtual gatherings.

Other centers who received grants in the county:

The Ramona Senior Center is using its $3,000 grant to organize a holiday drive-thru party where senior clients will receive poinsettias, gifts, cards and festive treats distributed by staff and volunteers.

Serving Seniors: $2,520 for succulent plants and hand-written greeting cards from volunteers and donors to 800 isolated older people.

Sharp Senior Health Center: $2,225 for The Giving Tree program, providing 150 seniors with gifts bags filled with gift cards of various types and presents.

Jewish Family Services College Avenue and Balboa Avenue Senior Centers: $2,500 for a variety of Zoom programs involving drawing, sing-alongs, trivia, social hours, music and poetry, and more as well as 250 New Year’s party packages with glasses, neck-laces, hats and noise-makers, and greeting cards.

La Jolla Community Center: $3,000 for Holiday Cheer and Meal program, which will deliver hot meals, handwritten cards and bouquets of flowers.

Fallbrook Senior Center: $3,000 to grow its 10-member volunteer outreach team, which will provide 200 isolated older people with holiday decor, handwritten cards and deliver poinsettias to home-bound and Meals-to-Go members.

Neighborhood House Senior Center: $2,840 for the delivery of 70 hot meals and holiday gift bags for isolated older people.

Escondido Senior Center: $3,000 to provide festive holiday decor for 200 isolated older people or gift a poinsettia to place in their homes.

Del Mar Community Connections: $2,500 to deliver greenery arrangements and gift bags containing word puzzles, books and sweet treats to 70 isolated seniors.

Norman Park Senior Center Chula Vista: $1,000 for holiday packages that include Christmas cards, PPE supplies, cookies as well as turkeys and/or hams to families in need.

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