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Holistic Approach, Fear


Last updated 12/25/2020 at 4pm

FEAR attacks your kidneys’ well-being. Oriental Medicine explains the emotion of FEAR directly affects the quality of your JING the prenatal essence your kidneys receive from your parents when you are born.

According to the oriental Five Element Theory, one can add on essence by eating well and maintaining a healthy, mindful attitude. Once though JING is used up due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress, especially experiencing in excess the emotion of FEAR and feeling struck (we all do right now?), the five thousand years of oriental studies of this system says, if JING Is depleted it cannot be restored or rejuvenated, it can only be preserved, maintained.

If it is used up, life comes to an end. It’s called kidney failure in western medicine.

The well-being of the kidneys are also related to healthy head hair and teeth, hearing and good knee joint function. If the emotion of fear takes over, it attacks directly your health and longevity. So why allowing it to control you. It is after all mind over body. I think if I replace FEAR with a more truthful outlook, such as respect, in awe of, reverence, I would create positive thinking and promote healing energy.

I remember while studying the Five Element System a scholar having said‘, "Life is not a gain, death is not a loss."

it made me change the meaning of FEAR that so many are suffering from, needlessly.

I suggest when the emotion of fear attacks, fill your lungs with healing oxygen on the count of eight, hold your breath for four, and let go of any negative thought as you slowly, deeply exhale on the count of eight.

Rebirth happens with every breath you take.

Positive thinking creates positive, protective energy. Let’s survive COVID-19.

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