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Agents Arrest Two Men


Last updated 10/2/2020 at 12:37pm

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents at the Highway 86 immigration checkpoint arrested two men, including a current recipient of the DREAM Act, suspected of smuggling narcotics on Sept. 11.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:50 a.m., when a man driving a silver Nissan Altima and his passenger approached the Highway 86 checkpoint.

A Border Patrol K-9 detection team alerted agents to the vehicle, and directed the vehicle to enter the secondary inspection area for further investigation.

While in secondary inspection, agents discovered nine wrapped packages in the trunk concealed inside six battery-charging boxes. The substance inside the packages tested positive for characteristics of methamphetamine.

The total weight of the methamphetamine was about 29 pounds with an estimated street value of $65,250.

El Centro Sector turned over the driver, a 20-year-old DREAM Act recipient, the passenger, a 19-year-old United States citizen, the vehicle, and the narcotics to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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