"Not Good Enough"


Last updated 10/5/2020 at 10:58am

A celebration is not in order. Even though San Diego County barely missed dropping into the purple tier, there is no cause for celebrating.

There is no business plan for a gym to operate 10% capacity. There is no business plan for a restaurant to operate at 25% capacity. We cannot continue to have 200,000 San Diegans out of work.

As I drive around San Diego County, I see more and more businesses closing their doors. I see the people and the businesses which make up San Diego County and I see these businesses barely hanging on. Meanwhile, the State continues to move the goalposts and change the criteria when it comes to reopening.

While I would like to see San Diego County open quicker, government moves slow. Even though my motion to open up businesses a few weeks ago failed, progress is being made. This week, the Board voted 4 – 1 to support Dr. Wilma Wooten’s effort for the adjudication and revised reopening criteria to accurately reflect the dynamics of the pandemic in San Diego County. Basically, what that means, is we are asking Dr. Wooten to work with the state into modifying our metrics.

We have lost sight of our original goal, which was hospitalizations. As of September, we are in single digit percentages of COVID patients in hospital beds. We have proven, we can identify, treat, and protect the most vulnerable people, in San Diego County.

My COVID-19 goal is for San Diego County to have more local control and to focus less on positive cases and more on hospitalizations. I believe that will create a better balance between business and health!

Jim Desmond

– San Diego County District 5 Supervisor

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