"Lane Wars"


Last updated 10/8/2020 at 2:22pm

I can’t blame these avid bicyclists for wanting to ride in our community; we have some of the most user friendly, scenic roads in the County. Though it boggles my mind how some of them can manage to keep their balance with such an enormous chip on their shoulder.

I drove all the way to Ocotillo Wells from the San Diego Int’l Airport, at night, with only a 6” painted stripe on the road separating me from the blinding brights of oncoming traffic. Not at any time did I offend a fellow driver, nor at any time did anyone offend me (crowding my lane, with their brights on, driving too slow, etc.) to the point of knocking the chip off of my shoulder. However, as soon as I pass a bicyclist he’s shaking his fist in protest at me.

The bike lane is easily 3 – 4 times wider than the bicycle is, unlike the lane for a car with maybe only a foot of space on either side of the car, so when I approach a bicyclist and he’s in my lane, I might crowd the line a little, never ever going over it. Man, this guy today (you know who you are) wanted me to pull over so that he could give me a piece of his mind. I wasn’t in his lane, he was in my lane. Why is he so angry at me? Shouldn’t I be the angry one, after all, he’s forcing me into oncoming traffic by his unwillingness to stay in his lane. I think this guy woke up this morning with an agenda full of confrontation and anger. I just laughed and waved frantically, which ticked him off even more...Please, correct me if I’m wrong.


The Red Mustang

Melinda Kahl

– Ocotillo Wells, California