Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group


Last updated 10/2/2020 at 11:59am

Four seats on the Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group will expire January 4, 2021 (Seats 1,5,9,& 11, term 1/4/2021 – 1/6/2025). Applicants must be registered to vote in Borrego Springs and also reside or own property in Borrego Springs.

Applications can be downloaded here:

Interested parties can also contact Chairperson Rebecca Falk, or at 760-331-7526 for information and an application.

Current holders of the four seats are interested in remaining on the Group, but new applicants can apply for these seats. In addition, there is the possibility that the Sponsor Group can expand its number of seats, subject to the approval of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, if there is a sufficient number of applicants who receive recommendations by the Group.

To be considered, applications should be received by October 15, 2020, and preferably in September.

Please send completed applications either to Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group, P.O. Box 1371, Borrego Springs, CA 92004-1371 OR via email (pdf file attachment) to This allows time for voter registration to be verified.

Applications will be reviewed and applicants interviewed at the November 5, 2020 regular meeting and recommendations to fill seats on the Group will be voted on and made at that meeting.

The Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group meets the first Thursday of each month, except in July and August and serves to advise San Diego County on local views of land use issues. More information can be viewed at:

Sponsor Group Members:

- Can only miss three consecutive meetings in one year

- Should expect to serve on committees for specific tasks

- Should expect to serve as an officer at some point (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary)

- Will need to review many documents from San Diego County, delivered via email/internet

- Will file a California Fair Political Practices financial disclosure (Form 700) each year

- Will take a mandatory yearly Sponsor Group Training and Biannual Ethics Training

- The first year’s trainings will be in-person in San Diego and completed prior to being seated