"Thoughts on Borrego Days"


Last updated 9/8/2020 at 10:18am

I have some thoughts about the Borrego Days Festival.

Being a part time resident homeowner and former business owner, I thinking back to better days.

There used to be two Borrego Desert Celebrations (The Grapefruit Festival and Borrego Days), both had smaller crowds filled mainly with local residents and visitors that made it a point to take part in all or most of the Festival events. They emphasized the small town local resident and visitor population, which is Borrego’s best asset. They celebrations were by no means as commercialized as the current events.

We found the former festivals to be quite unique and extremely enjoyable.

I understand the economics of the decision to have just one celebration and that is my point.

With current restrictions due to the coronavirus, I think it’s time to possibly consider a smaller event.

Bring back the participation of High School Bands, The Miss Borrego Pagent, local resident and restaurant food offerings, children’s games, the Fire Dept., State Park and Sheriffs exhibits, and the local VFW beverage stand, also local music and dancing.

Let’s get back to the original format and truly celebrate the uniqueness of our small town.

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