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Last updated 9/8/2020 at 10:20am

By the time you receive this issue, it will be September, talk about how crazy fast the summer has gone by, now if only the heat would get going as well! Normally I’m not sure what I’ll be writing about until I sit down to write the column, however, in this case I knew exactly where I wanted to start and that is with Rolly Johnson’s letter to the Borrego Sun.

The staff at the Borrego Sun was kind enough to forward the letter to me so that I could reply to Mr. Johnson AKA RJ. Since this writing, RJ and I have exchanged emails, and as I replied to him I’ll say it to you, “Rolly, you are spot on!”

Our goal at the Chamber this year was to take Borrego Days back in time to more of a hometown event that locals and visitors love. Debbie Woollet and her committee members had the process in place with much excitement by all, and yes visitors and locals were encouraged to be involved. However, COVID-19 put a halt to everything.

As of this writing, the county has no set guidelines in place for events, which in turn creates havoc for areas trying to plan anything. With that said, at the July Chamber board meeting, we talked about the Grapefruit Festival and bringing it back in the spring, we have some breathing room on this so circumstances will dictate the outcome.

We are planning on Sundowners for the season, however, we’re holding off just a little longer in organizing so we have an idea about the new health and safety guidelines. There is also talk around town about some smaller events that groups are thinking about having and have let the Chamber know so we can help out.

I also love the holidays, and yes, they’ll be different this season, but the Chamber already has the trophies for holiday cheer, more on that when it cools down!

Once again I thank Mr. Johnson for his email, and as I say to everyone, feel free to let us at the Chamber know what you are thinking via a phone call, letter, email or in person.

On another note, in the next Chamber Talks, I’ll clarify what a Chamber is and does. I actually witnessed a very educated person who helps organizations grow refer to chambers as government entities….tsk, tsk, sadly this is how confusion begins.

Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce



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