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Over the last four months. there have been many unknowns regarding COVID-19, but as time has progressed, we have learned a lot too.

We’ve learned that those with underlying health conditions are more susceptible to the virus. We’ve learned that kids are rarely affected by the virus and we’ve learned how to better treat the virus. We need to thoughtfully apply what we’ve learned how to prevent the spread, how to treat, who are more and who are less vulnerable to long term impacts. We need to apply that knowledge and learn to live with Coronavirus.

This does not need to be a choice. We can have both public health, safety and our economy open.

There will always be risks with life and we need a smart approach to safely and responsibly allow openings for business, churches, and schools. My whole life as an airline pilot, people have taken the risk boarding the plane. I make calculations based on dozens of different variables in order to make sure we get to our final destination, safely.

We have 1,200 beds set aside for COVID-19 patients in San Diego County. Even at our peak, we’ve never used half of them, which is great news. Our numbers continue to trend down and only about 10% of those in the hospital are there for the Coronavirus.

Because of this, we must get our kids back to school! I believe, especially for younger students, in-person instruction is the best way for most kids to learn. It is dangerous to not have schools open. School is where, often, parents learn kids need a hearing aid, or they need glasses and, sadly, schools are the number one reporter of child abuse.

We are denying our children ESSENTIAL mental, social and physical outlets by closing our schools during arguably the most critical time in their developmental lives. The closures of our schools will have damaging effects on the future.

Jim Desmond

– San Diego County District 5 Supervisor

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