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Victoria Baay, BSHS Principal 

Congratulations, BSHS Class of 2020


Last updated 6/15/2020 at 9am

Dear Class of 2020,

This definitely is not the ending to the school year any of us saw happening. You all are sad, as am I, that you do not get the traditional senior class send offs that you normally would have. However, this is a lesson in life you are learning early and will benefit you in the long run. It seems since our last day together on March 13, all we have been doing is adapting and changing. A former teacher and state legislator, Pauline R. Kezer said, "Continuity gives us roots; Change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights."

You have your roots and tree trunk established here at Borrego Springs High School, and for most of you, Borrego Springs Middle and Elementary Schools. This change we have experienced has already started your branches growing where most don't experience that until they start work, college, or move out of our little town. Take this experience as an advantage in life to keep growing and adapting to new situations you will surely face on your next adventures.

I know all of you are leaving us with skills to make you successful in the future, whatever you may choose it to be. Remember Borrego PRIDE! You have shown perseverance by graduating, playing sports, competing in physics competitions, and trying that hard AP class you didn't think you would be successful in, but were. You are leaving our school respectful young citizens of our community. Everytime you smile, greet someone and act appropriately, you are showing respect. Your integrity can be seen, when you do what is right not just for you, but those around you and your community. Your community service hours you completed show your commitment to helping others, not just yourselves. You have shown discipline in completing your classes, showing up to practices, walking away from bad situations, and following through on your commitments. I saw you showing empathy everyday at school; giving a hug to someone in need, taking younger classmen under your wings when they needed a friend, reaching out to peers to sit and each lunch with you, even if they are not a part of your "normal" group of friends.

You all have dreams and hopes for what the future may hold. Take the skills and education you have gotten here and make those next steps, it can be scary but I believe in you, we all believe in you. Former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt said, " The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." You need to believe in yourself as well. This period of change and adapting can only benefit you in the future, this bump in your road and series of disappointments may be the first of many, but how you react and adapt will shape your future.

Remember, no matter what your next adventure holds for you Borrego Springs and Borrego Springs High School will always welcome you with open arms.


Mrs. Baay

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