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Last updated 6/16/2020 at 11:21am

Emotions are running high around the world right now, and the constant “are we” or “aren’t we” doesn’t help. I’m referring to the reopening of businesses – when we thought that closing down was difficult, we had no idea how challenging reopening would be. From not knowing when certain businesses will be allowed to open, to what changes that business would have to do to be able to open safely for everyone. However, we are doing it and with great caution.

At the Chamber, guidelines are set; masks must be worn, constant sanitizing, maximum of four visitors at any one time, temporary hours, and so on. The phone continues to ring more than people coming in, the #1 question “Is the State Park Open?” followed by “Can we drive around and see the sculptures?”

There are still many people that feel more secure at home, please stay within your comfort zone.

There are also a lot of telephone and email scams going on, I almost fell for one (and I usually spot them right away) when someone posing as a Board member asked me to buy some gift cards for them to give away as a surprise for the staff. After I replied sure and asked a few questions, the scammer went on to say, “Please scratch the film off of the numbers and send me a photo of each card and the numbers, $100 for each one, keep one for yourself and don’t call me because I’m in a meeting.” In a meeting at 9 p.m., don’t think so.

However, with the name they used on the email, it seemed about as real as it can get, so again be careful.

Also, don’t get caught up in using Facebook or any type of social media as a way to police what businesses are doing (while never leaving the house). There are programs that can help people to be creative with photos by changing them so much you’d never know what the real one looked like. Also photos from months ago can be posted at any time with captions dated the day you see it leading viewers to ask “How can they have so many people in there and where are their masks?” Live feeds that come on when you are actually online are usually the most reliable, however, I suggest you go and see for yourself.

Father’s Day will be here before we know it; I encourage business members to start posting your Father’s Day specials on the Chambers Desert Deals page on the website now so everyone can see it.

Borrego Days, in talking with County/Permitting representatives, we are working on the permits now and will submit them so if and however we’ll be able to have Borrego Days, we’ll be ready. County staff receives the same updates as we do, and do not know how event gatherings will be regulated as time goes on. At the Chamber, we are taking the mindset that some sort of Borrego Days will happen, so until further notice, we are moving forward.

Finally, wasn’t the SpaceX – NASA launch amazing! I check the live feed often to see what the astronauts are up to, would you go into space? I would!

Françoise Rhodes

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce Executive Director



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