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Last updated 5/7/2020 at 10:30am

To the best students in the world (the Borrego Springs Elementary School College-Bound Coyotes),

Kids, we miss you! We really, really miss you. And I know you also miss seeing your friends. First of all, I want to tell you that everything is going to be okay. Everyone in our town, our state and our country is going through this at the same time and I know we can work together to figure it out. We got this!

It’s been four weeks since we said goodbye to you on Friday, March 13. A lot has happened since then! I know that you realize the world is experiencing something called a pandemic. That word means an outbreak where a large number of people spread over a wide area get sick with the same illness.

As you know, the illness causing this pandemic is called the COVID-19. You might not know that COVID-19 is short for “coronavirus disease 2019.” Pretty interesting, huh? You might be scared or worried about the pandemic. If so, that’s okay! We all feel that way a little bit.

You might notice that a lot has changed for us these days. We are all keeping ourselves safe by staying home, keeping our distance from those who don’t live in our home, wearing masks when we can, and WASHING OUR HANDS. We have to do these things so fewer people get sick. It’s nice that we can help! Classrooms are closed, but school is not actually cancelled. Learning is now taking place at home. It’s called “distance learning,” and it’s how you’re going to finish this school year. Some of you have paper work packets, some of you are doing online work, and some of you have both. I have visited many of your Zoom classes and it’s been wonderful to see you. Your teachers tell me every day how excited they are when you come to online class.

I want to remind you that although you’re learning at home for the rest of this school year, your teachers are here to support you. Please make sure to call them, email them, text them, and send them messages on Class Dojo.

Ask your parents to check their email and their Class Dojo messages also, so you get all the information you need to continue your education. You can also call or text me anytime at 760-625-5325. My email is Please tell me if you need anything!

At some point, we won’t have to stay home anymore. I am imagining a huge celebration on the first day of school next year. We’ll be so happy to welcome you back!!! Remember that as you enter next year’s grade level, you’re going to want to be READY. So take advantage of all the free time you have now to read more than you ever have before. Reading is a fun way of visiting imaginary worlds, which is kind of like being able to visit new places. It’s also very good for your brain! Please also do all the learning activities your teacher is assigning you so you can be ready for next year, OK? If you need extra help, we can get you that help. Just ask me or your teacher.

We miss you, we love you, and we are here for you. This won’t last forever and we’ll be together again soon.


Sherrilynn Polanco

– Elementary School Principal


Hello students and parents,

This school year sure has been exciting! I have to say I was honestly not expecting Friday, March 13th being the last day I get to see you for a while. I am glad though that we are taking the precautions of staying at home to protect ourselves and our loved ones. I hope you are all being safe and taking the necessary precautions. I have been logging into Zoom meetings and seeing some of your faces, many of you email me or call for assistance and I love to hear from you.

Our school campus is like a ghost town without all your faces here and it makes my heart sad. I hope in the fall we will be able to return to a semblance of normalcy and see you everyday on campus. I want you to remember that while the campus may be closed, learning is not. All of your teachers have been working hard to make sure you still have access to learning and curriculum. While teachers are here to help, guide, and provide materials, it is the same as it is in school. How much you get out of your learning is how much effort you put into it.

Please use any available time you have to be working on your classes and make use of your teachers office hours to get any extra help you may need. I can not wait to see you all again and hear your voices on campus. Remember we are all here to support you in anything you need, even if it is just to say hi, we love you all and hopefully see you soon.

Victoria Baay

– Middle/High School Principal

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