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By Martha Deichler
BSUSD School-Community Liaison 

For the Love of Borrego


Last updated 5/13/2020 at 12:47pm

Is it luck or are we actually implementing the necessary preventive measures to keep COVID-19 away from our community? With only one case known so far, many of us are holding our breath in anticipation of what could turn our village upside down with the horror and sadness of a pandemic. One infected COSTCO shopping cart in La Quinta, one infected gas pump handle in Ramona, one asymptomatic tourist buying a sandwich at a local restaurant, could result in the virus being transported into Borrego Springs and end our tranquil life for a long time to come.

Consider for a moment the hosts this heinous virus appears to like: older folks with pre-existing health conditions. This describes about half of Borrego Springs’ population. Then include diabetes, obesity, asthma and low-income and another large portion of our community is included. Borrego Springs appears to be ready for the “perfect storm.”

Likewise, ponder the challenges involved with many of our families living in small mobile homes, most often with children and extended families. The rate of transfer would be fast and tragic. Multiply that with the close proximity of dozens of mobile homes in one park and the story begins to unfold with bleak clarity.

Sounds tragic and almost insurmountable and yet it’s not here yet! We must be doing something right. The required masks, the gloves, the propped open door at the post office, the proper distancing guidelines, the take-out/delivery only food, folks staying at home, Christmas Circle and the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park closed – all of these must be adding up to a strong layer of protection for our community.

The questions become for how much longer can we continue to be strong and keep these preventive measures in place? For how much longer can our brave businesses remain closed or partially open and survive this? Will our courageous folks who continue to serve us in our businesses stay unscathed through this battle? When the ABDSP reopens and the tourists begin to return to our beautiful desert, will we be prepared to welcome them and stay safe at the same time?

Many unknowns and scary times lie ahead for Borrego Springs. Our breathtaking sunsets and sunrises as well as our beloved desert views won’t be affected by COVID-19, but our family and friends might very well be. For the love of Borrego, let’s stay safe because in the end, it’s the people who make our village so special.

Note: Last week a friend was leaving Village Liquor with the required mask on his face. Entering was a gentleman without a mask who was told kindly by the cashier that a mask was mandatory. He immediately turned to my friend and asked if he could borrow his mask. Don’t do this!

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