"Why Can't We All Do Our Part?"


Last updated 4/15/2020 at 10:21am

Although there is a sign on the Borrego Springs Center Market entrance that everyone must wear a mask or they will be asked to leave, the shelf stocking employee was not wearing a mask. I told her she must wear a mask so she just put it over her mouth. I told her it must also cover your nose and she just walked away not adjusting her mask.

I complained to the cashier and she said she couldn’t do anything. I asked for the manager and was told she was out for the day. While everyone else in the grocery store were wearing masks, this woman was not and she, as a shelf stocker, was touching and naturally breathing on many items in the store potentially putting shoppers at risk.

As you know, the laws put into place to protect the population only are effective if everyone makes the effort to comply.

I called the Sheriff’s office and was told to call 211 which turned out to be a voice recording of various websites. I went to the 211 website and submitted a complaint but understandably they must be overwhelmed.

Per Dr. Anthony Fauci’s medical advice and studies to date on the COVID-19 spread, wearing face masks along with social distancing, etc., can have a significant impact. If everyone does their part implementing government/medical guidelines, we would greatly decrease the chances of viral risk. We all have to work together and have mutual respect.

Candy Stefan

– Borrego Springs, California