COVID-19: The Battle Continues

First Case in Borrego Springs


Last updated 4/20/2020 at 1:16pm

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing during April, at once across the 50 United States, up and down California, and in San Diego County, it was only a matter of time before the first confirmed case of COVID-19 infection in Borrego Springs would be announced.

It came on April 3 via the San Diego County tracking website (, and that single infection has held fast, at least up to press time April 13.

Who is Patient #1? The person reported with the case allegedly traveled from Mexico to Borrego even knowing they had the virus to quarantine. However, it is unclear of when the person arrived in Borrego.

It is known that they had no contact to the general public, and did not visit any establishments. They were retested for the virus, and still have it.

“The County understands the interest in information keeping yourself and your loved ones safe,” according to Alex Saint, Group Communications Officer for the County’s Public Safety Group. “We are constantly balancing what information the public needs to know to make informed decisions to protect their health, while at the same time respecting the privacy of individuals who are the subject of infectious disease investigations.”

The only way you’re going to find out is if he/she tells you, there’s no rule against that.

“The County of San Diego does not prohibit or discourage individuals, facilities or businesses from issuing their own notifications as they see fit,” Saint said. “As part of any contact investigation, we notify any individuals who may have been exposed.”

The County’s Public Safety Group has been and still is conducting a “contact investigation” since April 3, also confidential, to help stave off further spread of the disease, according to Saint.

Knowing or not knowing the name of the person should be irrelevant to our behavior when it comes to protection for ourselves and the community.

“For the general public,” adds Saint, “whether they know the name, address, or any other information does not change the precautions and actions they should take to protect themselves from getting COVID-19, which is being actively transmitted throughout the community. Those actions are to stay home as much as possible and practice social distancing.”

And that is exactly what Borregans are doing. We wear masks out in public, sometimes gloves, maintain six-foot separation when standing in line or talking, and we wash our hands frequently. Only by keeping up this vigil for as long as necessary will the community infection rate remain low and ultimately disappear.

The San Diego County has 1,847 confirmed cases as of April 13.