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Martha Deichler 

B&G Club Wows with $148,000


Last updated 4/3/2020 at 11:51am

When the last "SOLD" rang out at the Boys and Girls Club Fundraising Auction at de Anza on Feb. 24, the committee was feeling fairly positive about the funds we were bringing in that evening.

Between the 64 golfers, 98 diners, the silent auction, opportunity drawing, paddle raisers, heads/tails and the raucous live auction, the green stuff was flying around. Folks were kind, folks were generous and folks truly wanted to support our Borrego Springs Boys and Girls Club.

$148,000 was raised, which came to a total net figure of $107,000. We were aiming for $100,000. Yes, every penny stays in Borrego Springs and this is the only reason we are able to have our Boys and Girls Club here.

The yearly cost to run this club is around $180,000 and because the majority of our students' fees are subsidized due to their low-income status, we rely on the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego to augment our costs. They rely on us to raise a substantial part of this cost and we rely on you, the general public, to assist us in reaching our goal. You did! We did! Thank you all very much.

Over 120 local children are able to receive after school supervised care, homework assistance, recreation, healthy snacks and character education through the only game in town for parents who work until 6 p.m., and whose children need a safe place to go between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. This is truly an important cause you are supporting.

Were you not there on this fun-filled evening of frivolity and giving? Well then, you missed some fabulous moments such as when the husband tried desperately and good naturedly to buy the week at his coastal home in Oregon (that his wife had donated for the auction much to his chagrin) only to find out that not only did HE have to pay for his own home for the week, but he also allowed an additional week to be sold to a local family who was neck to neck in the bidding. Crazy, yet generous.

Then there was Shino from Carlee's, Rotary's Taste of Borrego Two-Time Winner, bringing in over $2,000 for a dinner for 10.

Chef Tom and Pam made a big splash with their Moroccan Picnic for eight complete with appetizers and wine at Fonts Point. Carpets, pillows, lanterns included. How romantic and exceptional. You need to be here next year.

Reflecting on the last two months of active fundraising for the youth of Borrego Springs, it must be noted that a total of around $170,000 has been raised between Rotary's Taste of Borrego, BASIC's Golf Tournament and the latest Boys and Girls Golf Tournament. What will these funds be spent on? Here's a partial list:

Free books for preschoolers

Summer academies for students needing extra assistance in reading, math and English

Dozens of scholarships for college and vocational school bound students/young adults

Little League expenses

High School Sports uniforms

Senior Center

School field trips

Miss Borrego Scholarships

Keeping the doors of Boys and Girls Club open

And much more

Our village's needs are big and your hearts are generous. Because of you and your friends, we are able to keep programs for our community alive and well.

It is well worth noting that these fund raising events could not occur without the unbelievable generosity of our local businesses, resorts, golf courses and restaurants. Their depth of giving and support are immeasurable. Thank you many times over.

Until next Auction Season!

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