"Dollar General Will Plague"


Last updated 2/11/2020 at 1:39pm

Why stop at a mere Dollar General? If you’re going to learn American Capitalism being new in this country. Let’s just go with Walmart and all the trimmings and let the chips fall where they may. Dollar General will only kill both grocery stores, the removal of the garage at Oasis for a new convenience store. Perhaps Borrego Outfitters? Or let’s just let Walmart in then you can add basically all but two restaurants in town. And like the food at the resorts is anything to die for! Walmart will take all businesses mentioned to this point.

The liquor store, bye Chad! Tito’s gone, J&T’s gone, the Nursery gone. True Value gone, and if you’re really lucky both gas stations, gone! I also failed to mention they may both bring three to five larger competitive newspapers to boot.

I cannot express it from my soul how these corporations will pilfer this town and leave it destitute. I’m so sure of this, I will start at $100 all the way to $5,000 to get a decent vehicle for the poor of this community so you can go shop over the mountain or through the desert. And leave this one of few, if not only slice of paradise alone. Or don’t listen to anything said, and watch.

If any of you truly care about this community $1 a month from everyone rich to well off. I’m less than middle class offering this. The two restaurants that may make it, Jilberto’s and Carlee’s, but that will be far from given.

William Blunt

– Borrego Springs, California