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BWD Happenings, Questions for WMB Candidates


Last updated 1/31/2020 at 4:20pm

There was a full agenda on tap at the Jan. 14 Board meeting at BWD, and highlights include the appointment of Director Dave Duncan to sit on the Water Master Board (WMB), with Kathy Dice as the alternate under the terms of the Stipulated Judgment.

Flood control repairs were discussed, as our berm system contains 18 places where erosion threatens its overall integrity. The BWD crew can handle most of it, said General Manager Geoff Poole, but some engineering consulting may be required and was therefore authorized.

The monthly Board meeting dates through August are on the 4th Tuesday of the month, with special meetings to be scheduled as necessary.

The Stewardship Council wants the BWD to act as the “backbone” to their community efforts, but there was some question among Board members as to whether or not that additional responsibility was appropriate, considering their desire to reduce “mission creep” at BWD.

The Prop 218 funding over the next five years need to be laid out, according to Director Lyle Brecht, even though it will be an estimate.

There is a $460K upgrade planned for the Water Treatment Plant.

Next, the Technical Advisory Committee members to be selected for the Water Master Board will be nominated by each major pumper, and provide services to the WMB at their cost, and approval of members is expected at their next meeting.

BWD General Manager Geoff Poole earned himself a 10% pay raise for the excellent job he’s done for the District as a whole, and specifically on the Stipulated Judgment.

And finally, the Board came up with several questions that has by now been sent to all nominees for the position of Community Member on the Water Master Board.

The three candidates are Mark Jorgensen, Rebecca Falk, and Martha Deichler. Each candidate had the opportunity to present written answers to the questions, and further questions will be asked by the Board.

The public is encouraged to attend and ask questions of the candidates at the public meeting (Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 5:30 p.m. in the Library Community Room). The questions sent to the candidates are:

1. Why are you willing to serve? At your pleasure, as well as motivation, this question offers you the opportunity to describe what expertise, and events in your past personal, professional and volunteer history that may illustrate your willingness and ability to work collaboratively with the other WM Board members and think critically, as well as speak up and be heard in discussions where the issues on the table may involve differing interpretations of the data by technical experts.

2. What struck you as one of the most potentially important future issues for the Borrego community when you read the stipulation documents, including the Groundwater Management Plan (GMP)?

At your pleasure, this question offers you the opportunity to discuss your understanding of what important issues may come up at the WM Board that may impact the future economic, social and environmental viability of the Borrego community.

3. The WM Board will operate under California’s Open Meetings Act (Brown Act).

The intent of the Act is to make certain that deliberations regarding WM Board decision-making are done in the open at public meeting. That is, coordination and collusion among Board members between meetings is prohibited. The prohibition is for a WM Board Member to speak to two or more other MW Board members, either directly or indirectly. Are you willing to abide by California’s Open Meeting Act (Brown Act) during your tenure on the WM Board?

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