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What, No Santa in the Circle This Year? Children's Worst Fears Allayed


Last updated 1/23/2020 at 1:29pm

Griff Lacey

Need cookies? American Legion 853 Auxiliary to the rescue. How about gifts for the children? The Borrego community delivers with a vengeance. Who's going to wrap all those gifts? Look no further than BS High School S'Interact (Soroptimist and Rotary) Club. How are the 200+ gifts going to be delivered to the Circle?

Fear not, the American Legion Riders can haul huge bags of toys on those shiny motorcycles. How about a sound system and music? Local substitute teacher, Mike Voss, can do that. Need lights and the traditional manger scene? Ryan from the Christian Center is the go to man. Call Fred for Santa's big chair from the PAC. Call Valeen at the Chamber to advertise the event and supply tables. Book the adorable Elementary Dancers to liven up the evening.

How about food while the 200 children and parents wait for Santa? Middle School parents can serve up the most delicious carne asada plate with donations of food and funds from local businesses (and raise $3,000 for their children's Catalina Science Trip). Call the Fire Department for Santa's Uber ride and don't forget to give directions to Santa Bill and Mrs. Santa Darlene so they can find their way to our frontier town. Text Sylvana for Santa's elves, Miss Borrego and Court, and voila, you have an incredibly successful evening with so many happy children the smiles could be measured in miles!

This all happened just two weeks prior when Post Commander Rick Dobbins walked into the Chamber and asked, "Who's doing Santa in the Circle this year?" Silence. Then, the magic began. Could this happen in any other community? Maybe so, but one would be hard pressed to find a community that would hustle and deliver such joy so willingly, so quickly and so generously. Is it possible to speak too much about how special is the Borrego Springs Community?

For those of us who work closely with children, families and folks in need, it is impossible to not keep praising and appreciating this community. They never disappoint.

Which brings up the idea of living a purposeful life. As much as our families and local folks often need the generosity of others, it appears that the givers need and relish opportunities even more so to give to those in need.

If one looks closely, the smiles on the faces of the American Legion Riders and others that night were just as large as the children's smiles. We have all heard the age-old adage about it "being better to give than to receive" and perhaps this is nowhere truer than in Borrego Springs.

All of this makes one wonder how the quality of life would be for everyone if Borrego Springs were ever to become a community devoid of families and children. Families and their children bring an incredible amount of happiness to our village and to the folks who love to make them smile, you.

Thank you, Borrego Springs. Happy Holidays

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