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de Anza Offers Olive Branch


Last updated 1/23/2020 at 9:31am

It came as quite a shock to the community that literally overnight, owners of the Borrego Springs had closed down golf operations Sept. 20, and cut off the water to the Springs course and the 9-hole Club Circle. It’s a condition to last at least this season, perhaps beyond, with lagging course revenue said to be the cause of the shutdown.

With disappointment registering for Resort employees, not to mention both member- and non-member golfers who love playing the course, the management at the de Anza Country Club stepped up, manned the fire hose, and sought to douse water on at least some of the flames.

General Ramien Shalizi sent a letter to the Resort members offering condolences. “This is such a tragic event and extremely sad news,” he wrote, adding, “We all want Borrego Springs to thrive.”

With the de Anza course in great shape, recent clubhouse renovations, and a restaurant offering “a lovely dining experience” plus other amenities, Shalizi made an offer to the Resort members in the form of options from which to choose, starting with a generous waiver of the usual $5,000 dollar initiation fee regardless of choice:

• Golf as a visitor paying daily green fees ($90), plus dining privileges at the Coyote Den with a daily Happy Hour.

• 1st level annual member: $900/ single, $1,500/couple plus green fees

• Unlimited: $4,500/single, $8,150/ couple, with no golf fees, and a $30 green fee discount each of to three guests; tournament play; and access to social events and free clubhouse services such as Notary Public.

When contacted prior to this Sun issue going to press, Resort Men’s Club president Leon Fuhrman said he’s called a members’ meeting for Monday Nov. 4 where Shalizi’s offer will be discussed.

The de Anza course opens for season play on Nov. 3 after a membersonly golf tournament and evening gala on Nov. 1.

Mark Neel is the club’s golf pro, and Rick Sprouse is also available for lessons.

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