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Karen's Collages at the Library


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Michael Sadler

Karen Leonardo is finding her happy place through collage.

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough," is what Paula Buchwitz used in her collage. Many may call it inspirational or motivational, and that simple yet powerful adage seems fitting in life.

This and other collage concepts by over a dozen collage-makers were created and visually displayed at the Borrego Springs Library on Sept. 18 and 19, courtesy of Karen Leonardo.

In 1989, Leonardo was sick, and she used the collage motif to, as she says, "get back to that happy place."

Since then, she has gathered magazines, art supplies, and people to create for herself, and for others, a means of coping and getting centered. Be it a low point in one's life, or perhaps in a relationship needing a little inward reflection to sort things out, or merely a means to do something entirely different to break up one's routine, artistic collages seem very helpful for young and old.

Susan Holt's "The sky is the limit." Flowers and TV puppets. "From unknown to overnight sensation." Peace symbols. "All good things are wild and free." Mouth-watering food and drink. "Don't let anyone dim your sparkle."

These are but a few examples of concepts that can visually inspire and verbally motivate, made manifest by the collages of youngsters Caspian and Addie Lynn and others looking to shake things up.

What's been rattling your cage lately? Try making a collage and see if things somehow seem a little better after.

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