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The House of Borrego Springs is Back


Last updated 9/4/2019 at 1:14pm

Approximately a year and a half ago, the first Borrego Springs mid-century modern home furnishings and accessories business closed its doors for a well-deserved long-term hiatus, and focused its selling efforts on vintage markets in the Palm Springs area.

The House of Borrego Springs reopened its door for business once again last March through May as a Pop-up shop in a new location with considerations of continuing it’s business presence into the future.

The Borrego Sun recently learned that The House of Borrego Springs is opening its doors once again for full time and long-term business at El Patio on Palm Canyon Drive in the mid-century building designed by architect Richard M. Zerbe, AIA.

We spoke with The House of Borrego Springs’ curator and proprietor Elizabeth Rodriguez about the shop’s future plans.

Sun: Why did The House of Borrego Springs close in the Summer of 2017, and why did it reopen as a Pop-up shop last March?

Elizabeth: In 2017, after being in business for 12 years, I felt it was time to step back, take a well-deserved break and focus my attention and efforts in other directions. I began working on other creative projects/causes and became a Soroptimist member and S Club volunteer. The time off allowed me to make a difference in local women’s and girl’s lives and afforded me the luxury of time to catch up on all sorts of unfinished projects.

The Pop-up shop decision was made because of what I call “the flower children experiment.” It refers to the thousands of desert flower seekers passing through last Spring for the big “Flower Bomb.” Many visitors were mid-century modern enthusiasts and collectors from all over the country.

Sun: We heard you were selling inventory in the Palm Springs area and elsewhere. How does that compare to having your shop here in Borrego?

Elizabeth: The House of Borrego Springs has and will continue to participate in the Palm Springs mid-century modern market, however, the difference is the “brick and mortar” shop and gallery is exclusively located here in Borrego. Borrego Springs locals and visiting customers is The House of Borrego Springs primary market to serve. The Palm Springs connection with The House is an event by event basis and private client by client endeavor.

Sun: Why did The House of Borrego Springs relocate to El Patio from The Mall?

Elizabeth: While I was researching a potential Pop-up location in Borrego, and after looking at several commercial spaces, one in particular spoke to me. The Desert Robin shop just happened to be closing and it was located in the perfect mid-century modern building to accommodate The House of Borrego Springs. The building is designed by the renowned early mid-century modern starchitect Richard M. Zerbe. El Patio building and courtyard defines the architectural design of Borrego Springs in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Zerbe is known for transforming Borrego Springs into a modern oasis. Since The House of Borrego Springs sells Mid-century modern furnishings, accessories and fine art for the home, office and garden, it’s the perfect location of old historical mid-century modern charm and heritage. In addition, the building’s owner is committed to preserving the architecture in its original state without demolishing its unique details and structure. The topping on the cake of the El Patio space is its neighboring businesses, which complement one another and offer unique services for the community.

In theory, one could pop in RoadRunner Realty and buy a desert dwelling, then stop in at The House of Borrego Springs and furnish said desert dwelling, then head over to Ermelinda’s for a haircut, hair color, facial and mani/pedicure (don’t forget to pet Lilli!), stop at Koko’s for a new outfit and accessories and make a last stop at Regalos de Borrego for local honey, Mexican artifacts and dates, shopping at a one stop destination. Not too bad when the clock is ticking!

Sun: Tell us about The House’s inventory. Will it remain the same as before, objects from the 50s, 60s and 1970s?

Elizabeth: The House of Borrego Springs’ inventory has added a 1980s collection for the first time.

Over the summer, I took a long buying trip up the California Coastline heading North and stopped at various destinations and selected several new pieces for the shop and gallery. I think the curation level is higher than before and some very unique items will be displayed. Part of the The House of Borrego Springs vision has always been to showcase and sell mid-century modern items you won’t find in other similar shops. The direction of curation is very unique. And as before, The House also searches and researches customers requests for distinct objects and will continue to do so at customer’s requests.

Sun: Is The House still offering interior design services and upholstery services?

Elizabeth: Yes we are. In the past, The House has worked with its customers in securing upholstery services, textiles and pick up and delivery making it super convenient and time saving for our customers. Our interior design services extend in two ways.

First, we will work with our clients own home and office collections without renovations or procuring new items, we simply redesign existing spaces and placement of already owned furnishings and objects. Secondly, The House will privately consult with customers needing more extensive renovations and interior design solutions and procurement of furnishing, accessories and art. This is a great service for first-time home buyers here in Borrego as well as longer term residents, and we work within every budget.

Sun: In the past, The House of Borrego Springs has sponsored and managed many different creative events, will this continue?

Elizabeth: Certainly ARTWALK is back beginning in October and will be managed once again by The House of Borrego Springs. In addition, art exhibitions will continue in The House’s gallery along with art talks for each exhibition. There are a few more special events happening in the Spring and one of which I am super excited about.

BORREGO MADE 2020 is one of these special events showcasing locally made art, crafts, writings and locally made products. BORREGO MADE 2020 will bring together crafters, artists, writers and product developers to display and sell their creations instilling the concept that it’s uniquely made in Borrego Springs, California. There is another event in the planning stages you’ll here all about later as details unfold.

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