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Supervisor Desmond Shadeway


Last updated 10/3/2019 at 10:32am

A rough sketch of where the intermittent shadeway will be located.

A new development/project will soon be coming to Borrego Springs, just one of the many areas in District 5, which also include Bonsall, Fallbrook, North County, San Dieguito and Twin Oaks. In the press release given by San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond on Aug. 26, he stated that "parks play an important role in our community," also adding one of his many goals is to provide "as many parks and recreation centers to District 5."

Borrego Springs is on that list, with a "shadeway that will have intermittent shade from Christmas Circle to Borrego Springs Park," according to the release.

"Our parks department does not currently have a sketch of what the project will look like at this time, but we have $650,000

funded for the Shadeway project," Miles Himmel, Communications Director for Desmond, said.

"We are still working on our design concept and identifying site constraints and opportunities, but we do not yet have a construction schedule identified."

Desmond was unable to be reached for comment at this time.

Some general information was made available to the public on the Shadeway project in the meantime.

The Shadeway will help connect the new Borrego Springs Park, Library, and Sheriff's Office complex to Christmas Circle Community Park and the Borrego Springs village center.

The project will span about 0.21 miles (1,076 feet), and one location option has an "intermittent" Shadeway stretching along the southern side of Sunset Road (opposite of the ArtFarm) to provide respite for pedestrians from the desert sun.

The Shadeway is envisioned to be broken up into discrete sections, each its own little oasis of shade and seating. Existing palm trees along the south side of Sunset Drive will also help to block summer sun that Borrego will need for season's to come.

The County taxpayer-funded Shadeway structure will be solid, probably made of steel, including the awning on top. High sun exposure and potential for high winds limit the design to one where strength and long-term endurance will be key factors in the final design.

Himmel said that the Department of Parks & Recreation is seeking input from the Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group on this proposed project.

Details of the comments made from the Sponsor Group will be in a future issue of the Borrego Sun.

"We have recreational and cultural centers developed now, and I think that linking the various facilities together is a very good idea," Jim Wilson, overseer of Christmas Circle and its maintenance, said.

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