New BWD Well Progressing on Schedule


Last updated 8/22/2019 at 1:59pm

Michael Sadler

Borrego Water District's Alan Asche tests the water from the new well into "Lake Borrego." No fishing or boating allowed.

On-time and under budget, so far at least. The construction of the new BWD well on Borrego Spring Road north of Christmas Circle is running smoothly and on schedule.

Southwest Pumping & Drilling has all but finished the first of three stages of the operation by completing the well's construction. Southwest recently dug a long pit, AKA Lake Borrego, on the well-premises to test flow rate and turbidity.

The flow rate was deemed sufficient at 1,200 gallons per minute, and turbidity was consistently declining over time.

The second phase will be handled by Hidden Valley Pumps, who will install the pumps and provide for the hookup with BWD feeder lines.

In the third phase, SDG&E will come in and connect the well's electricity to the power distribution line. A new power pole is likely.

The total cost of the well is approximately $1.3 million. About $800,000 for the drilling itself, and the rest for completion and hook up to BWD and SDG&E systems.