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Fathers Day at Christmas Circle


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Michael Sadler

Ernie Loza was one busy man Father's Day at Christmas Circle. Sponsored by the Lutheran Church, Loza ran the show with an eye on the time, keeping everything running smoothly.

There was a tug-o-war for several age groups, and an innertube smashing contest for the young ones.

Miss Borrego Dennise Cecena and her Court of First Princess Camila Hernandez and Second Princess Gabriela Rocha, then helped in a raffle to give-away donated items, where toaster ovens and furniture, even a washing machine, went free to the lucky ticket holder.

But Loza and his wife Debbie, despite the hectic pace, were thoroughly enjoying themselves, along with about a hundred townsfolks.

The tug-o-war was a raucous event, everyone screaming for their favorite to pull a little harder. Considering the temperature close to 100-F, it's a wonder no one collapsed from heat exhaustion.

In the first contest, adding pullers on the rope at the last minute resulted in victory for one side, but Loza caught the scofflaws and penalized them – the team members received only one raffle ticket, while the other side got two. Loza is nothing if not a fair-minded man.

The first innertube contest was particularly competitive, and it took several minutes of crashing head-on for Felicity to beat out her rival and win a travel case on wheels.

Juan and Lupita came up winners in the raffle drawing, winning both a washing machine and a nice BBQ.

It was a fun event overall, except near the end when one overenthusiastic attendee took a shortcut and dove head first over the ring of couches to join the give-away queue, and he landed on his forehead. Debbie Loza helped staunch the blood flow.

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