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Race Across America Speeds Through Town


Last updated 6/18/2019 at 2:17pm

Mark your calendars. Whether you are in town or away for the season you can participate in Borrego's peak 2019 summer media blitz that returns this June with the arrival of Race Across America (RAAM) and its companion Race Across the West (RAW). 270 ultracyclists from 20 nations will pass through downtown Borrego Springs in the late afternoon and evening of Tuesday June 11 and Saturday June 15. 102 racers are currently scheduled to come through Borrego on Tuesday and 168 on Saturday.

Media and film crews from their home countries and towns, as well as hundreds of race support crew members will converge on Borrego to spend several hours waiting for their champions to pass through the race route's first official Time Station (TS 1) at Christmas Circle, Borrego Springs, California.

For years, Borrego Springs has been designated the first wait stop for the support crews, who are not allowed on the route with the riders after the race starts until Borrego Springs. But beginning in 2018, Borrego became TS 1 on the RAAM interactive route map viewed globally by millions of race enthusiasts.

2018 delivered a record 25 million page views at during the two-week period of the race!

2019 will have even greater coverage of the race, in real time. RAAM and RAW will deploy reporters, photographers and videographers along the route, and feed current race information (written reports, photos and video clips) to the website on an hourly basis during the entire race.

Social media will be buzzing at Facebook, Twitter (@RAAMraces) and Instagram (@raceacrossamerica) pages. Please use hashtags #RAAM2019 and #RAW2019.

For 38 years, RAAM has challenged ultracyclists to push their physical and mental limits to the farthest reaches. Starting in Oceanside, California, RAAM spans 3000 miles, climbs 175,000 feet, crosses 12 states and finishes in Annapolis, Maryland.

Open to amateur and professional racers in solo, 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-person relay teams, there is no race in the world comparable to RAAM.

Becoming an official RAAM finisher means claiming ultra-racing's most coveted jersey and medal, and for the lucky few that win their race division, the prized USA plaque!

Unlike other famous races such as the Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a España and Tour de France, RAAM has no stages. RAAM is continual for 3,000 miles.

For the solo racers it is grueling. Only best, the world's toughest can compete. All solo racers must qualify to participate in RAAM by completing not less than 400 miles in 24-hours at a RAAM qualifying event.

One such favorite being Borrego's own 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships (WTTC), A RAAM owned event, hosted by the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce happening November 1 – 2, 2019.

The course is an exciting closed loop race that brings many RAAM leaders for their next year's solo RAAM qualifier, as well as lots of racing hobbyists for the shorter fun runs. The 2019 WWTC sold out its 275 racer slots within hours of opening in April! Quite a jump from the 52 racers that participated in Borrego's first WWTC five years ago.

As a solo endeavor, RAAM is the longest endurance cycling event in the world, and for all those who finish, the accomplishment of a lifetime!

Just ask the Guinness World Record holder 37-year-old Austrian cyclist Christoph Strasser (but not while he is racing).

Having raced in RAAM since 2011 and going for his 7th solo win, Strasser is the man to beat (and does all his qualifiers at the WWTC in Borrego Springs too). If his split time this year matches last year, he will average about 20 mph over the 80 miles between Oceanside and Borrego Springs.

Strasser should be racing down the Montezuma Grade around 4 p.m. on June 11. The man is a machine.

Come on out to Borrego Springs June 11 and June 15 to mingle and cheer Strasser and all the RAAM and RAW racers on with their friends, families, and fans from back home traveling with them as crew.

Jump online to share with and support those that are back home tracking their hometown heroes online. Put out the Borrego Springs welcome mat in person and online folks. This is your opportunity to help Borrego Springs shine when the global spotlight is on your hometown.

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