Jim Desmond: Acknowledges Attendees


Last updated 6/18/2019 at 2:16pm


Thank you for attending the Borrego Springs initial Revitalization Committee meeting May 7.

The input provided is invaluable as we move forward with the next steps in connecting the non-profits, community-based groups, and community leaders with County resources.

The dialogue was engaging with many topics presented. These topics included: An urgent care center, tourism, education services, a senior center, a new fire station, high speed internet, special needs services for children, code enforcement, and deterioration of roads (S-22).

We also heard interest in weed and brush abatement, lighting appropriate for Dark Sky designation, well permits, vote on a bond, bulk storage for propane, county staff accountability in the land use department, new development outside flood plain, water issues, and land use coordination with the Borrego Water District.

As you can see, there are lots of topics. In order to provide some structure, five subcommittees were established:

1. Infrastructure will include topics related to land use such as a community plan update, road maintenance, permit process, and code enforcement.

2. Public Health will include topics to discuss the possibility of an urgent care, healthcare resources, a senior center, and a new fire station.

3. Education will include adult workforce development, post-secondary training programs, transportation for students, services for children with special needs, and related educational issues.

4. Economic Development/Tourism will include resources for tourism development, lighting appropriate for Dark Sky designation, and related economic issues.

5. Environment will include weed and brush abatement, developing a closer relationship with the air pollution board, and related environmental issues.

Borrego Springs community members Diane Johnson (Infrastructure), Bruce Kelley (Public Health), Betsy Knaak (Economic Development/Tourism), Martha Deichler (Education), and David Garmon (Environment) volunteered to be the coordinators.

In this role, they will reach out to those who expressed interest and will begin the process of setting up the first subcommittee meetings. Be sure to attend so you can provide input that will be important to the success of the partnership with County staff.

If you have not signed up for a subcommittee and are interested in doing so, contact Shaina Richardson at shaina.richardson@sdcounty.ca.gov or call 619-531-5555.

Remember – The objective of the Revitalization is for the County staff and the Borrego Springs community to support, partner and collaborate in making sure Borrego Springs remains vibrant.

Mark your calendar for the next Borrego Springs Revitalization meeting: Sept. 17. Location to be determined.

– Jim Desmond, District 5 Supervisor