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Hole-in-One: Joan Pricket


Last updated 2/26/2019 at 9:37am

The average player makes an ace only once out of every 12,000 rounds, so playing twice a week, that takes about 16 years.

Joan Pricket was in high spirits on the afternoon of Feb. 8 when she reached the golf shack at the Borrego Springs Resort because the buzz was already out she had just scored an ace.

It was the second ace of her playing career. She laughed trying to recall how many years ago she got the first one at Rams Hill, shrugging it off with a smile, "It was a long time ago."

At BSR, just another beautiful winter day in Borrego, the 85-year old had arrived at the par-3 6th hole, looked down range to the pin 88 yards away, teed up her yellow Bridgestone, and swung away using her Cougar 11-wood with a 32-degree loft.

Pricket and her playing partners all watched as the ball disappeared into the hole. "You're never too old to get a hole-in-one," she said.

Congrats to Joan Pricket on an exciting moment in the life of any golfer.

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