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What A Performance! – Muriel Anderson


Last updated 2/15/2019 at 4:12pm

If you happened to miss seeing Muriel Anderson on guitar here at the Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center Feb. 1, make a note not to miss her the next time she performs.

Her strumming and finger-plucking magic on the multi-string grouping, multi-octave "harp-guitar" alone is worth the price of admission, but with a ticket, you get to see and hear a lot more.

Anderson's original music and stylings are smooth, and she has a very natural singing voice. But it is the way she incorporates a visual aspect to her music that makes her performance so interesting and unique.

Still photos and video up on the big projection screen are, in conjunction with her music, simply mesmerizing, and of exceptionally high quality.

They serve to visually enhance the sounds of her guitar and voice. It's like watching National Geographic-quality images while witnessing a live performance by a very talented musician. Whether she takes you in orbit around Earth, to a European mountain valley, to an autumn day in Appalachia, or even to our backyard in Borrego, it's a transport-of-the-soul experience well worth having.

Anderson travels the country and the world, and we are certainly fortunate to have her stop here in Borrego for one night to let us experience her performance. And what a performance!

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