Rams Hill Wins Again


Last updated 1/31/2019 at 9:01am

Some things are just meant to be, like Rams Hill atop the list of premier golf courses in San Diego County.

They're already ranked #3 in California by Golf Week, and when they reach the needed 35 active evaluations from Golf Digest, they're looking for a significant boost up the national rankings list.

Greenskeeper.org announced the "Best Playing Conditions" award for all San Diego County in 2018, and it was the Rams Hill Golf Course. It's their fourth straight win, and Rams Hill GM/COO Harry Turner brimmed with pride. "We are very honored to be recognized," said Turner, "as the course in San Diego County that provides our customers with the best playing conditions."

Naturally, I had to exercise due diligence in confirming that claim. Club pro Bob Gelesko took me out to play the back-9, and we ripped it. Well, Bob ripped it with par (2 bogeys and 2 birdies), and I had a chance at par but for my putting.

Bob gave me some pointers on that aspect of my game, so I'm working on it. In short, the course was, as advertised, fantastic, with kudos to course superintendent Jose Verduzcio and his eye for detail. Immaculate fairways. Well-groomed bunkers.

Stunning views over the course, and into the Valley below. Of course Rams Hill's renown fast (10.8 Stent) and true bentgrass greens. The Rams Hill course is a challenge every golfer should experience.

A new feature is to be installed soon in the clubhouse, a Full Swing Golf Simulator, and every golfer will be salivating at the chance to try it out. Layout and playing conditions for every top golf course in the country is simulated, along with the ability to analyze one's swing and even provide customized club sizing data.

But the Rams Hill experience isn't just about golf.

Chef Jeremy Manly has put together two menus, one for Friday's and Saturday's, the second for Wednesday's.

Great golf, great food. It's a winning combination.