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First Hole-in-One of 2019 – Barbara Coates


Last updated 1/11/2019 at 9:36am

The year got off to a very good start for Borrego resident Barbara Coates.

Playing in the regular Thursday RoadRunner Ladies Club game Jan. 2, Coates used her driver on the Number-2 hole (107 yards, par-3), and launched her Vortex Crystal ball. But no one in her foursome saw where it landed, and it took a while searching to realize it went into the cup for an Ace.

Though, it wasn't just an Ace, it was also the KP hole (closest to the pin), so Coates won that at 0-inches, and it also counted as a chip-in.

Her team finished in third place, but who's counting; she cleaned up on the various prize pots. The only drawback is at the next get-together, she'll end up paying out all her winnings for champagne to celebrate that Ace.

Finally, she said, "My first hole-in-one, and probably my last. As they say, even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while!"

Congrats to Barb Coates for the first (reported) hole-in-one for 2019 in Borrego Springs.

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