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Bridging the Gap at de Anza


Last updated 1/23/2019 at 2:11pm

For members and those who live in or come to visit the de Anza Country Club, there is a gap between available entertainment or learning opportunities, and getting the word out to folks who might enjoy and/or benefit from that knowledge, according to de Anza GM Raimen Shalizi and office manager Jessica Gillespie, during the 100+ gathering at the ‘Bridging the Gap event’ on Jan. 9 at de Anza.

Case in point: Upcoming events at the Performing Arts Center. On Jan. 9, BSPAC Artistic Director George Keith and board member/actor Elaine Hazelrigg explained their efforts to bring the fine arts, theatre arts, and music to the Borrego community, and that they needed community members’ support via their attendance at those events. A definite win-win situation, and Gillespie is looking to expand the “Bridging” experience.

After Keith and Hazelrigg spoke, many guests concentrated on a game of Trivial Pursuit, usually hosted on Thursday’s, led by Jim Wermers with number-cruncher wife, Anne, running up scores for each table after six subject areas were “trivialized.”

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