Sponsor Group Re-Elects Members


Last updated 1/9/2019 at 3:15pm

The Borrego Springs Sponsor Group met Jan. 2 for the first time this year, and atop the agenda was re-nominating current members Rebecca Falk, David Farley, and Linda Haddock. All three were re-nominated and re-elected.

On the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP), Jim Bennett, geologist and member of the County’s GSP Core team, is scheduled to appear in a special meeting in late-April to brief members and the community on the contents of the Draft GSP, due out later this month or in early February.

The issue of code compliance is a sticky one, especially unauthorized and un-permitted grading of property, but also folks camping out on their property. Falk is setting up a meeting where the County’s Code Compliance official and a rep from the Sheriff’s department can participate in a session to see what can and cannot be done, in a timely manner, to mitigate against landowners grading their property with little or no time to prevent desert destruction prior to applying for a permit.

The Group members also saw a slide summary of the first few chapters of the Draft GSP laying out its history, goals, and objectives.