Dreamers Benefit from Yard Sale


Last updated 12/12/2018 at 9:29am

Put it in the yard, and they will come. That surely was the case for Borrego Springs High School Dream Club director Andrea Taylor, who with a lot of help from volunteers, put together a huge, all-day sale of items Dec. 1.

Hundreds of folks turned out to look for deals on furniture, clothes, tools, linens, appliances, toys, and more, all donated by community members and available for purchase at whatever price the customer felt comfortable. A handful of dish towels, when one is completely out of dishtowels, is worth its weight in gold. And a warm and lightweight vest for the coming winter isn't far behind.

"The event raised $1,735," Taylor said. "It could not have happened without the support of this amazing community and all those who helped with their time, donated items, and came and purchased items."

For over a year, Taylor has been the principle driving force behind fundraising to award Dreamer scholarships ($4,000 for two seniors who graduated in 2018), fill out and submit work permit renewals (another $4,000 with eight completed), and much more in support of kids looking to complete their education and play a part in the American way of life. "The aim is not only to raise funds,but to educate the community on the DACA program and its worthy recipients," Taylor said. "We hope to have two continuing scholarships, plus one new scholarship in June 2019."

The DACA program is still under review by the courts, Congress, and the Trump Administration. Meanwhile, Dreamers will continue to dream until the issue is finally resolved.

For more information on DACA or donations, contact Andrea Taylor via the high school at (760) 767-5335.

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