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Did Your Mail-in Ballot Get Counted?


Last updated 11/19/2018 at 10:35am

According to election precinct workers and Borrego Springs Postmaster Janet Mixon, there were a number of reasons why your Mail-in ballot may not have counted.

Specifically, P.O. Box numbers may not have matched County registrar numbers, or County address records did not match DMV voter registration addresses, or you came to vote in person and were told a ballot was mailed to you (so you had to use a Provisional Ballot), or box numbers were not properly identified on the envelope, or ballots were forwarded, or boxes were closed and ballots returned to San Diego.

To make sure your ballot was counted, and that you receive future ballots in a timely fashion, go online to; scroll down to the “Check Your Registration” box on the right; type in your house number (for RoadRunner Club residents, it’s 1010); type in your date of birth and zip code; Click on Submit Query.

Your name should come up, and a bit down the column both the date your ballot was mailed to you and the date it was received by the County registrar will appear.

If there’s a discrepancy or you’re unsure, call the County registrar at (858) 694-3900 and get it straightened out now before you forget.

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