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Students Back to School


Last updated 9/24/2018 at 6:26pm

The school bell buzzed, the staff and students of Borrego Springs are ready to get the school year started. On Aug. 27, the Borrego Springs Unified School District welcomed everyone to the 2018 – 19 school year.

Principal Katherine Girvin, in her second year, was ecstatic about the new school year, and hopes the newly-implemented changes will improve the learning and teaching environment for the students and staff.

To make things more lively for the return of the students, live music was played by Ryan Lynn. The students played games at his booth with a chance of winning prizes during their lunch break, which was a big success.

When the students picked up their schedules at both the middle and high school, they were given delicious donuts to snack on.

The students commented, "These donuts are for us? Sweet," to "what a way to come back to school." They really liked the welcome back gesture, organized by the administration.

To add to the already excellent staff at the middle and high school, there are three new additions – Harmony Williams-Sawyer, Elizabeth Jacobsen and Heidi Schlotfeldt. The elementary school also welcomed Tracy Eddy, the new third grade teacher.

During the high school welcome back assembly, the rules were reviewed, including the new ones, plus any changes.

One of the major changes to this school year is the rotating schedule. This was implemented because in prior studies, according to Girvin, it showed that everyone learns a certain subject better at a different time of day.

Another change was the lockers, which were removed. Despite the students disagreeing with this, it was done to ensure their safety, as well as removing possible hiding spots for things not allowed on campus.

Also at the welcome back assembly, they participated in various games like popping balloons, a pretty intense plunger race, marshmallow catching, and a toilet paper dress contest.

Later in the day, during the middle school assembly, vice principal Victoria Baay welcomed everyone to the new school year, going over the rules, including the dress code.

After the assembly, the high school students headed to homeroom, a new feature put in place this year, which is designed to help the students be more organized and focused. During homeroom, which consists of all grade levels, the students will be able to catch up on assignments, with the teachers being able to monitor the students' grades, and have the responsibility of making sure they are on track.

Full story in the Sept. 6 issue of the Borrego Sun.

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