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Weather Forecast for September


Last updated 9/24/2018 at 6:26pm

Dateline August 23: If the AccuWeather forecast for the month of September published today on their website is indeed "accurate," then maximum daily temperatures in the Borrego Valley should start to decline mid-month, and the streak of above-100F maximum daily temperatures will break on or about the date of our next issue – Sept. 20. After that, according to the forecasters, max daily temps will continue to decline into October.

There was indeed something curious within that 30-day forecast sticking out like a sore thumb: The prediction of 0.04 inches of rain on two consecutive days after the max temp streak is predicted to break on Sept. 20. No rain before, nothing after either.

Coming 30 days in advance of those dates, AccuWeather forecast specifics on rainfall are at the most distant reach of accurate weather forecasting capabilities for even the most sophisticated supercomputers, alone or in combination. Such a precise forecast would appear to the casual observer as "getting too far out over one's skiis." However, if rain does fall on or near those dates, it will show up as a very impressive feat of forecasting, so much so as to demand a follow-up report on exactly how the AccuWeather supercomputer figured out so precisely both the timing and amount. It should be noted the more likely September weather scenario involves daily if not hourly AccuWeather updates to the particulars of the September max temp/rainfall chart.

They will undoubtedly change day by day as new info is looped into the existing trillions of AccuWeather's supercomputer data points on local and regional temperatures, wind direction and strength, and lots of others weather parameters, obvious and subtle.

Update Aug. 28: The "break" in consecutive 100F-plus days in Borrego Springs is still listed as occurring on or about Sept. 20, and the 2-day rainfall prediction was moved back six days. On Sept. 26, 0.03 inches of rain is forecast to fall in Borrego Springs.

Full story in the Sept. 6 issue of the Borrego Sun.

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