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Borrego Springs Unified School District Board Meeting


Last updated 7/2/2018 at 9:54am

Members of the board, schools, and the community provided updates and statements at the last Borrego Unified School District Board Meeting of the school year June 20.

Elementary school principal Sherrilynn Polanco reported they are in the middle of reviewing test scores, and there is a growth in math scores. A new teacher has also been hired.

High school principal Katherine Girvin summarized the week of the wonderful activities and ceremonies that went on at the middle and high school. Girvin said she’s glad everything ran smoothly. The master schedule is still being finalized. The sign-ups for math camp and band camp are looking solid, and the students are really looking forward to it.

Director of Business Services Laura Castro updated the board on the Saturday school attendance, which happened toward the end of the school year. There is a chance they will try to implement this once a month next school year.

Castro also said the internet speed has really improved for the high school. Superintendent Mark Stevens is ‘super stoked’ and is very impressed with it.

Stevens also said that this year has been a great one, and thanks all those who helped to make it possible. He also thanked the board for being present at the high school graduation June 14, as it meant a lot not to just the students but the staff and the families.

Stevens then proceeded to update the board on the LCAP. He mentioned doing the annual update is a little difficult to do without the most updated information from the previous year. The results from the surveys came in and saw some interesting things they hope they can touch on for the next school year, and so on.

Parents want higher expectations from students and better communication between teachers and students. Input from the students are much more positive this year. They have a desire for additional electives, want improved cafeteria options, and want the administration to address the emotional needs of the students and safety. For the district – improved facilities, more project based learning, teacher retention, diverse electives, courses, AP, more parent involvement and getting students to school. Stevens also touched on Saturday school and hopes it goes from optional to mandatory.

A consultant was brought in by the BSUSD to work on the adoption of facilities inventory report and needs. He walked around the elementary and high school, as well as talked to staff about things to know of the campus. The main focus is what the needs of the school are and how to support them. He gave the board copies of the report, as well as a preliminary listing of things in order of priority.

The next meeting will be Aug. 8 at 5 p.m. in the high school community room.

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