Knocking Down a Rumor on Water Conservation


Last updated 7/23/2018 at 10:46pm

A rumor seems to be floating around Borrego that because the State mandates what amounts to an overall 70 – 75 percent reduction in water pumped from our aquifer by the year 2040 to reach sustainability, Borrego residents who are customers of our Water District (BWD) will also be required to cut consumption by that same amount.

“Not true,” according to BWD’s staff and Board of Directors.

Figures show that Borregans have already cut personal consumption by 18 percent, and that counts against the overall mandated reduction.

Also, says GSP Advisory Committee member Rebecca Falk, “BWD plans to acquire/purchase water from farmers to help make up a good part of the remainder.”

Helping to dispel the rumor is Dave Duncan, rate-payer representative to the GSP Advisory Committee, “There is no expectation that individuals will be asked to reach 75 percent reduction.”