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BSFPD Driveway Dedicated


Last updated 7/12/2018 at 11:14am

It was a memorable day at the Borrego Springs Fire Protection District, as members of the community gathered to dedicate the newly paved driveway to the Burnand family, June 14.

Thanks to the $379,000 grant from the Alphonse A. Burnand Medical and Education Foundation in May, the station's driveway was replaced.

"The previous asphalt was in a state of extreme deterioration, and with the grant, the BSFPD was able to replace it with a cement driveway, which wraps around the entire fire station," fire chief John Hardcastle stated in a press release last month.

The well attended ceremony, including the BSFPD board members, firefighters and EMT's, honorary mayor Jim Wilson, and executive director of the Chamber of Commerce Linda Haddock.

The color guard, courtesy of the American Legion Post #853, started the ceremony, as they presented the flags while walking along the driveway.

Brad Tidwell procceeded by thanking the Burnand family for what they have given to the Borrego Springs community, and that their love is felt throughout the land. Present at the dedication ceremony were Robert Steele Burnand, his wife Lisa, and daughters Kendall and Carter.

Prior to the ribbon cutting and the presentation of certificates, Ann Marie TIdewell said it's "no dedication without a blessing." Tidwell thanked the Burnand family for their generosity to the community and expressed gratitude for their patronage. "Bless them for everything they do, and continuing to serve this community."

The Burnand family has given the town more than what is asked for, and we are truly blessed and should be grateful for their dedication to this town.

A Certificate of Special Recognition was presented to the Burnand Family, read by honorary mayor Jim Wilson. The certificate was presented "to The Burnand Family Foundation for their dedication and commitment to the community." It read, "They epitomize the true spirit and character of a Borregan" and was signed by member of Congress Duncan Hunter.

A second Certificate of Special Recognition was given to the Borrego Springs Fire District, accepted by Fire Chief John Hardcastle, recognizing their "dedication and service since 1961 to the citizens of Borrego Springs and appreciation for what they do to serve this town and committed to protecting Borrego Springs."

Three more certificates on behalf of the State Assembly and senator Joel Anderson were presented by Abby Nelson, also given to the the Burnand family and BSFPD.

The biggest kudo the proclamation, read aloud by Haddock. It was a Proclamation from the County of San Diego, presented by District 5 Supervisor Bill Horn, honoring the Burnand family and the Alphonse A. Burnand A. Burnand Medical and Educational Foundation. "They are great supporters and partners of the fire district in Borrego Springs," it mentioned.

At the start of the driveway, Captain's Higbee and Manzano were at each end, holding red tape, ready to be cut by Robert Burnand and Hardcastle. In about 10 seconds and excitement, the ribbon was cut.

There are many things to name to date, and what this family has done for this community is just outstanding, and difficult to put into words and we should all be thankful.

Full story in the June 28 issue of the Borrego Sun.

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